My Firsts for Amigurumi

Once my eyes were opened to the world of amigurumi, I must say I’ve been a hooking fool!

My dogs could not find their toy and I knew of a spare squeaker laying around the junk drawer, so I whipped them up a squeaky ball in no time!

IMG_1045Max and Loki waiting for their new ball toy!

I had to make something else so I scoured the Nerdigurumi site for more patterns I could try.  I collected pigs most of my life so it was natural I was drawn to this little piggy pattern:

I wasn’t interested in making the Link character and I figured I may actually have enough pink yarn left after the dog toy for the pig as it should be fairly tiny.

IMG_1054    As you can see here in the picture there wasn’t much left of that pink yarn ball.

I had very limited crochet pattern reading skills to this point, so I had to take my time to decipher the pattern “language” as I went.  I found numerous helpful tutorials, either written or video, on the Internet for every stitch and technique I came across.  I think a very helpful thing to learn with the amigurumi is the magic ring, so that you are not left with holes in your work.  Maybe I am a slow learner, but it took me several tries before I got the knack for it!  It turned out that I kept making the ring  backward with the string end facing the wrong way, once I got that straight it was rather easy to do.  This link is to a video tutorial that was helpful in making me realize my mistake in the first few seconds!

IMG_1055    IMG_1056

This little piggy came out cute as a button!

Once my little piggy was done I was loathe to stop crocheting and since I had a small tan yarn ball, maybe I could try making another little project? I stuck with Nerdigurumi’s site as I figured why stray from patterns that I now understand?

IMG_0020  IMG_0018

So I made this little guy using this pattern:


With a little tweaking he could easily become a Rabbid, from Rayman Raving Rabids video game!

Interestingly enough, I had the safety eyes from years ago when my daughter sewed a stuffed pig and it needed eyeballs.  I don’t recall why we had to order bulk but we did and so now I have brown safety eyes-a-plenty for little projects such as this, I guess it was meant to be!

IMG_0019   I don’t know if you can see it, but I wanted him to have a fluffy tail, so I brushed the crocheted tail with a wire brush before attaching to his bum.

I was a bit disappointed with my embroidery skills for his mouth.  As a young girl I was an avid embroiderer, but alas embroidery is also a skill that stays sharp only when honed!


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