My son’s challenge

Well with me making all these cute little guys, my son thought he would challenge me with a larger project request. And in larger I mean very rotund! He requested that I make a King Slime from a video game called Dragon Quest. Not being gamer myself, I headed to the Internet to find out what this guy looks like. Once discover I realize that this isn’t going to be so bad, this guy is just a very large ball with a crown on his head, no problem! <<<Famous last words!
If you don’t know what King Slime is and want to know check this link out for information

For as easy as the project seems, it posed several problems (or learning opportunities as I like to call them) first I need to make a ball bigger than I’ve ever made, and it doesn’t seem this is a common practice, so I was on my own for the body. I wasn’t really planning on figuring patterns out this early in the learning process but what the heck, right?! So body building began, was pulled and begun again and again! But finally I got a shape that I was pleased with. If you look at this photo of the King Slime you can see he has a candy kiss top and also pudgy cheeks that need to be pronounced.

This is the body I created:


The crown was the next obstacle, again searching resulted in no help for this crown…I was on my own again! Well I had an idea of how to do this so I started and just went with it and end up with a very nice queen’s crown!

Well that isn’t going to do…pulled it! Somehow, even though it undoes all the work you just did, it just feels fun to pull those stitches out!
Well the second attempt was much, much better, I wish I would have taken pictures of it while it was just the outer crown part! I made the pointed topper next and then tackled the striped green and purple part. That part probably should have been done in eight separate sections then sewed together, I’m sure that would have been a straighter/cleaner look but a while back I saw this lovely gingham baby blanket done with two yarns at the same time and I wanted to try that technique ever since, so I used this as an opportunity. I think it turned out ok, would probably better if the colors were not so contrasting. Oh well, it fit perfectly and I was happy with the look of it when I put it together.


Since I only just finished this guy about an hour ago, I will try to take a picture with better lighting tomorrow. The King is off gaming with my son right now!

I think, overall I am satisfied with my son’s King Slime. It was definitely a learning experience and I found out that pretty much any shape is able to be replicated in crochet!

One thing I should mention, before this project I didn’t know about blocking to finish crochet projects. Thanks to looking at a Loki pattern, in the helmet section she mentions to block it with glue and water….what!? This sent me looking over many, many sights learning different ways to block for different types of yarn and projects. Apparently all those dishcloths I made for presents would have looked a bit more polished had I known to do this sooner! Anyway if you want to see the adorable Loki that opened my eyes to stiffening headgear for royals check out this cute guy, she also made his brother Thor (both are on my mental to do list)

UPDATE: photo with more light


If anyone is interested in what pattern directions I wrote down for the crowns, please comment or email and I will send what I have.  I would post them, but do not feel they are professional enough for all that!


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