Just another day

So, I wasn’t going to publish this until my daughter actually received it, but I am so excited! Not that it is “oh so spectacular” but because I just know she is going to love it! I made it from looking at a picture of something she liked, it’s not exact or even perfect, but it’s perfect in its own way! Everywhere I looked people were selling the pattern or the finished product and I knew if I could make that crown for King Slime, than I could do this! So here it is my daughter’s gift, she will receive it tomorrow and I feel I’m fairly safe in putting it on here…she says she looks but I don’t have a follower that I believe is my daughter, there is only one and this person I am sure I did not give birth to! But I do appreciate you, my follower, thank you! I am so new to blogging and I did it only because my daughter asked me to, she is going far away and wants to keep tabs on me apparently! But she isn’t gone yet so there is no need to watch mom’s blog yet! KIDS! Hehe

So Amie wanted a giraffe…here is my rendition:



So cute, I think she will adore it! Sure it’s legs are too small, something I plan on rectifying in future models, but he is original, I give him that! Oh the things that fly off my hook these days! I love it!

So while I was deciding on whether or not to post these pictures I got a sweet tooth and grabbed my son to work with me to whip up one of my favorite recipes, my mom’s poor man’s cheesecake! I didn’t really need the help to make it, I really just wanted the company, kids these days just don’t realize how much we want to hang out with them! I’m sure I was the same way when I was his age! Nahhhh!, I was a perfect child! Bahaha

After awhile I thought that cheesecake needs to be getting done, it is smelling yum! Here it comes straight from the oven!


Unfortunately, there is cool down and that can take some time! It’s finally getting cool enough about an hour and a half later!

As you can see, when it cools it sinks in, this recipe reminds me of a custard of sorts.

My husband left to get some whipped cream ( I used the last of my whipping cream last night in some soup) just as it came out of the oven, no sign of him yet so I am assuming the establishment next to the grocer has held him hostage…guess I am eating it with no toppings, which is every bit as delicious!


I’ve looked online for a recipe similar but have not found one, this “poorman’s cheesecake” as my mother dubbed is wonderfully light and airy, not heavy like most cheesecake. If anyone would like the recipe, feel free to request it, I don’t mind sharing. 😃

i also wrote rote down some of the pattern I formulated in my head to make the amigurumi giraffe, if you are interested I can send you what I have upon request.  It is not complete, but it is something to begin with.


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