A Beautiful Spring Day

So after an extremely long winter, it seems the weather is finally starting to break.  This weekend I’ve seen more sunshine than I have in a very long time.  My husband wanted to check his traps and invited me along to enjoy the beautiful day.  We hopped on the sleds and headed out into the sunshine.  These pictures were taken with my phone, so they aren’t showing the spectacular beauty of this day.


My husband, Paul, striking a pose!


Riding on the frozen river.


What a nice surprise,  rabbit!


Me, waiting for Paul to check the last trap.

The traps didn’t produce more than the one rabbit, and since it was in a tree, it was an unexpected catch to boot!  It was a fantastic day to get out and enjoy the beginnings of Spring.  I hear there is a winter storm heading our way, so I guess it’s not quite over yet, but we got our first melt so it’s a start. 

I made a rabbit stew for Sunday dinner.  I should have taken a picture of the stew (I will get better at this blogging, I hope) it was fantastic with yummy dumplings on top.  The only difference I will do next time is make it in the slow cooker, the rabbit was too chewy with the shorter cooking time.  Something to remember for the next time!  I was impressed I was able to feed five people on one rabbit, most times you want at least two.  The stew was chock full of potatoes, carrots, celery and dumplings that it was a veritable feast. My husband had caught a fish, while ice fishing on Friday, so he cooked that up just in case there wasn’t enough, but really we didn’t need it for dinner and snacked on that later.

As far as crocheting goes, there was a bit of a mishap with my latest project.  While my husband was vacuuming he accidentally sucked my work and half the skein of yarn up!  Oh what a mess that was that was!  But it was extremely funny hearing him vacuuming along and then screaming “Help…..Laura!”  I think he thought I would be upset but, really, how could I be…he was vacuuming!

So I will get back to work on that project and get a post on that as I am trying something new.  Until then, have a great day and happy hooking!

Allergies and a lack of inspiration….

Not so busy this week. I’ve been fighting what I thought to be a cold/flu and it turns out seasonal allergies have wreaked havoc on my head. I’ve been put on steroids and allergy medication for a time to help relieve me. I really thought the snow would have to be gone for it to be allergies. Not a thing is budding, blooming or even thinking about turning green yet! Oh well, I just want my head to stop feeling like a weird leaky bubble that’s ready to pop and get back to doing more productive things.

My niece and nephew from Florida will be visiting soon so I’m trying to crochet up something for them. Alas it has not gone well. I’ve been working on a couple different ideas and don’t like how either of those are turning out.  These two are teenagers and a little harder to figure out than small children. Maybe since it is still literally freezing here and they are used to a warmer climate, I should make them both hats? Although not much use when they get home, it could work out for their visit. Oh crud, that’s what my mother-in-law makes (hats) and I am fairly positive she is already working on something like that for them, now that I think about it. Drats!

What to do? Any ideas? Maybe it’s my foggy head, but I’m finding it hard to come up with a teen friendly idea.

Letting Go

I loved you as soon as I saw you, helpless and screaming your tiny head off.  You were my second child and another girl, just exactly what I wanted, a perfect little angel.  You watched the room with an awareness and scrutiny I never heard of in an newborn infant.  Something that would stay with you even to this day, we just called it “attitude”.  You have grown into a beautiful, young lady and are about to embark on your adventure far from home.  Oh how I will miss you!

ImageIt hurts so much to let go.  It’s not as though we will never speak to or see each other again, it’s the distance that’s the hardest pill to swallow.  I need to feel I can be there for you and help you whenever you need or want anything, but how can I do that when you’ll be so far away? That’s what I have problems with, letting go of my ability to help you instantly.  I will feel very powerless, but I’m sure I will figure that out.  This, I’m sure, is an age old pain for parents and just means I, too, am reaching a new stage in life.

The funny thing is I don’t want to keep you for myself, I want to share you with the world and show everyone what a beautiful, intelligent woman you have become. Of course, I was quite content just showing the locals, but hey, you have to take it farther, I can understand that!  I want you to spread your wings and fly; reach inside and find that adventurous spirit, hang on and soar!!  See the world and everything in it!  Go and do, because NOW is your time to shine!

Don’t let any little falters fail you, we all stumble and fall…brush it off!  Look back ONLY to learn where to better plant your feet!  I hope you know how very, very proud I am of you, Amie.  I hope when you fly away from me tomorrow that you will always feel my arms around you, holding you up and letting you shine!  I loved you instantly and unconditionally from that first moment and it has grown exponentially every day since.  Remember, even if we aren’t together, we are always connected and I will always be there for you forever!

I love you!