Spring Babies

Over the evening we got what is hopefully our last snow storm of the season!  It was annoyingly beautiful this morning with snow clinging to all the trees limbs.  This winter seems relentless, but I know it will eventually come to an end….unless this is the start of the new ice age! PLEASE NO!   I have been trying to get myself into a more Springy mood so when I went into town to shop I stopped by the Tractor Supply store to look at Spring’s new arrivals.  The peeps and ducklings are so adorable and can always make me smile!  This year my husband finally agreed that raising our own chickens would be a good idea.  So we picked out some babies and went home with a small flock of six chicks and two ducklings!

They are kept under heat lamps so every picture came out red.  So I decided to take some black and whites instead.  So here is our little flock of Spring cuteness! Image


We’ve named the ducks Bert and Agatha, but since it’s harder to tell the chicks apart they remain nameless for now.  This undertaking will be a lot of work but I do look forward to eventually having fresh eggs daily.  The coop will be brought in once the snow melts.  It’s a second hand coop so I’m sure it will need some work, but I had intended on having to build one so this is a much better alternative.  I can’t wait to get that cleaned and set up for them.  Right now they are living quite comfortably in a pen in my basement torturing the cats and dogs with their peeping and pecking at them through the openings.  Once they get a little bigger I will integrate them more with the household pets to ensure that everyone gets along nicely.

I haven’t crocheted much more than an Easter egg or two this week which is really rather fitting since we now have chickens!  I have a couple projects that I need to do for an upcoming baby shower so I will be back at it now!  Until next time, Have a Great Day and Happy Hooking!