Granny Square Afghan

I started on Granny Squares several months ago and then set it aside when my interest turned to Amigurumi. Well now that I found myself without a project, well for a purpose anyway, I decided to revisit the squares.

My intention is to make a Granny Square Afghan as I have never completed an afghan, I’ve started several but always ended up with new scarves!  My daughter and I had chosen the five basic colors;  Red Heart yarn in colors:  Medium Thyme 0406, Cornmeal 0320, Soft White 0316, Lavender 0358 and Delft Blue 0885.  We both liked each individual color and thought they would also look nice together.

So I started making basic granny squares, changing colors on every round.  As this is my first attempts at granny squares and (at that time) my first changing colorsI I was completely thrilled at how well it was going!  I had worked up what felt like a bunch of squares when I was distracted by Amigurumi projects.


Squares without connecting color

A few months pass….

Looking back at my squares I was surprised to see I hadn’t really completed that many….hmmm, it sure felt like more when I was making them!!  I figured I better concentrate on finding a complimentary yarn color to bring all this squares together.  In my mind’s eye I saw a brick, burgundy or some shade of dark red.    Off to the store I went but no matter what shade of red I brought home, not one looked quite right with the squares!  I thought, maybe red isn’t going to be the right hue, so I brought home blues and browns and even greys…no good, no good at all!!  Well aside from my growing collection of yarn that is!!   Will I ever find the right color?  I decided to put it out of my head and just work up more squares.  Then,  just like that, in the same store I always go to, there it was Red Heart Claret 0378…I took it home and it was absolutely perfect!!  I felt it complimented all the other colors nicely, it’s just what I had pictured in my head!


It looks so much better in person, I need better lighting!

I am about twenty-five squares in and I ran out of the new Claret color and wouldn’t you know it, there was none in stock!!  I fount it online and am having it shipped so what should I do until it arrives?

Well everything I’ve read says that blocking will make the whole process of connecting the squares easier.  So I better get to it!  With discount coupon in hand, I was off to Joann’s for a June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’N Press II Board. Another blogger suggested this board as the ruled lines make it easy to block on. So I purchased the board and started blocking my first squares. Since the board could only hold two squares at a time, I took another blogger’s advice and drew ruled lines onto my ironing board and blocked on that as well. This worked well and I was able to block out six squares at a time.  In retrospect, I could have saved money and not purchased the board, but I like I do like it and believe I will put it to other good uses in the future!  (Plus I nabbed it for half off! Gotta love coupons!)  I used my handheld steamer to steam the acrylic yarn and left them overnight.

Blocked on left, unblocked on right

Blocked on left, unblocked on right

Wow, what a difference! I mean I knew what to expect from reading other blogs and tutorials, but still I half expected them to bounce back to the original shape after removing the pins…NOPE, they stayed perfectly square…  Blocking is definitely worth the effort!  The way I hear it, the blocked squares stay square even after washing and drying, I wonder?  Maybe I should test…or am I just being a Debbie-doubter?   Maybe someone out there can answer that for me and save me from testing.

I just received a notification that my package of Claret yarn will be arriving shortly, so I’m off to get started on more squares.  Until next time, Have a Great Day and Happy Hooking!